what we teach
Elim Preschool is one of the few schools that were chosen to receive a grant from the Cargill Corporation to work with the Minnesota Humanities Commission to implement the world renowned 'Core Knowledge® curriculum'. Core Knowledge® was developed to help schools set the foundation for later learning  by sequentially guiding students in five key areas of developmentally vital learning. These five areas for preschool are:

language skills: develop language skills to describe, sequence and organize information and to develop literary skills in reading and writing; develop vocabulary and syntax; listen and respond to nursery rhymes, poems, finger plays, songs and stories.

motor skills: develop motor skills in eye and hand coordination, body image and balance through group games and by using the body expressively.

work habits: develop work skills in memorization, following directions, work initiation, comprehension of 'school language' through planning, organizing, and completing assigned tasks.

social skills: develop social skills in autonomy, sense of self and responsibility through working in groups, asking for and offering help, taking turns, following rules and respecting others.

cognitive development: develop cognitive skills in mathematical reasoning, number sense, scientific reasoning, in the musical and visual arts and the physical world, orientation in time and space.

how we teach:
The Core Knowledge® sequence provides a structure for what we teach; however, the way we teach is through play. We believe that preschoolers learn most effectively through appropriately designed play experiences. Our classroom environment is divided into basic play areas designed to stimulate the young mind to explore and learn the skills listed above.